Fat philosophy

At FAT & Happy®, We believe in the many benefits of FAT.

We champion its critical role in your diet and health, and want to provide you with the world’s most delicious & beneficial High FAT foods.

FAT & Happy® – unapologetically high in FAT!

Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t find you in my local store, how can I buy FAT & Happy®?

Send us a note using the contact section of the website. Share with us what store you shop at (Store Name, Town/City Name and Zip Code) and we will reach out to the store on your behalf. Or contact your store’s manager directly and request they stock FAT & Happy® dressings. Of course, FAT & Happy® is always just a few clicks away at amazon.com.

Should I be concerned about palm kernel oil?

We are aware of the significant ecological and sustainability issues regarding palm oil – and we’re committed to being part of the solution. That’s why we only use responsibly sourced palm kernel oil from a European supplier who has been in business for more than 50 years. Palm kernel oil is one of the best sources of MCT Oil. Palm is also the most productive oil crop in the world. So abandoning palm oil for an alternative source would diminish availability of MCT’s and create a greater strain on the land, its people and the environment.

Why are you not Non-GMO (Butterfly) certified?

More than 90% of our ingredients are naturally non-GMO: coconut and palm, water, spices, etc. Additionally, we purchase organic or European sourced ingredients to ensure that no GMO ingredients enter our products. Going through the Non-GMO project verification adds cost and complexity to our suppliers and producers when the majority of our ingredients are naturally Non-GMO. For these reasons, FAT & Happy® independently tests each of its products for GMO’s whenever impactful ingredient changes occur…or a minimum of 2x per year.

How about Organic certification?

FAT & Happy® dressings contain several Organic ingredients as it is the best way to ensure they are also Non-GMO and of the highest quality. We continue to strive towards Organic Certification and hope to have progress on that front in the coming months.

Will you be introducing any additional varieties?

Thanks for asking! We’re always testing new recipes. We hope to be adding new varieties once those recipes are perfected – and as long as we can make sure they live up to the standard of FAT & Happy® quality.